Welcome to the comedy tab of my website. I would love to come tell you and your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and people you don't really have an opinion about one way or the other some jokes. Here is a handy FAQ to give you a general idea of what I do and how I can make you laugh. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!


Q. Why am I here right now?

A. Not sure, but honestly, what else would you rather do? Wait, don't answer that.

Q. Why can't we see your face?

A. The market for ophthalmologists who do stand up comedy is down right now. I can't quit my day job just yet, so I'm trying to protect myself from getting fired and my family from would-be assassins.

Q. So how do we know you're not a weirdo with a man bun who will show up and tell a bunch of racist jokes?

A. First of all, I keep my man bun hidden at all times and my comedy is very similar to what you see from me on Twitter. I can also provide references in case you want a first hand account of one of my performances. Please don't hesitate to ask!

Q. My 89 year old grandmother's birthday is next month. Will you come do stand up?

A. I'm an ophthalmologist with a very old patient population, so I have an inordinate amount of old lady jokes. They love me. I've also performed at residency graduations, research conferences, academic meetings, and a birthday party full of 6 year old girls. I will tailor my act to your audience.

Q. Academic meetings? Does that mean I can get CME for this?

A. YES! I have a variety of different talks about ophthalmology and professional development that have miraculously been awarded CME. I can also just do straight up comedy if you don't want to get accrediting bodies involved.

Q. Do you only tell ophthalmology jokes?

A. No! I have been writing satire for years with Gomerblog, covering a wide variety of medical and surgical specialties. There's so much more to make fun of outside of ophthalmology, like orthopedic surgery and people who walk slowly down crowded hospital hallways.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. I don't make any money doing this. All I ask is that you help pay for my travel and make a donation to First Descents to help young adults affected by cancer. It can be any amount you want. Everything helps.

Q. This sounds great! What now?

A. Shoot me an email at drgcomedy@gmail.com. Tell me what you have in mind and we'll try to make it work!